Andy OckershausenAndy Ockershausen, VP of Development, has managed several of the top stations in Washington including WMAL Radio,WMAL TV, (WJLA) and Channel 50, and spent more than two decades at NBCUniversal/Comcast Sports Net. He has served as a director of the Greater Washington Board of Trade for four decades a founder of Leadership Washington, was chosen Washingtonian of the Year in 1995, and is a recipient of the Silver Circle award, just to name a few. Andy’s work continues today as a key contributor to the sales and marketing team at Best Bark Communications.

John Matthews, author of “ANDY OH! The Andy Ockershausen Story” describes Andy this way:

“Andy Ockershausen is truly a Washington, DC original!

Any and all of these words can be used to describe him: Broadcaster. Pioneer. Leader. Fundraiser. Salesman. Mentor. Scoundrel. Patriot. Washingtonian. Friend.

Andy built Washington, D.C.’s WMAL-AM into a ratings juggernaut, and used the leverage of his position to perform community service and to help reform the entire broadcast industry.

More than a quarter-century AFTER receiving a lifetime achievement award from the Greater Washington Board of Trade, Andy O. continues to serve his hometown.”

You can purchase ANDY OH! The Andy Ockershausen Story” here.